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What to expect at a service?


Expect a warm welcome!  One of the traditions at Church of the Holy Trinity is to circulate and personally connect with many fellow parishioners during the peace. We encourage all newcomers to sign the guest book and stay for coffee hour after the service. But it is also OK to just come and leave as you please.

Dress As you Wish

Dress as you wish. Shorts in summer. Jeans and sandals. Suits and dresses.

Don’t worry about making mistakes

Whether to kneel, sit or stand, say "Amen," sing or respond can be a bit of a puzzle for newcomers (and often for Episcopalians visiting a different church). Don’t worry if you don’t get it right.

But because the essential form of the service remains the same from one Sunday to the next, one soon will begin to experience what Episcopalians find so satisfying: the common pattern opens up a familiar rhythm and mental space to commune more profoundly with God.


The Episcopal church welcomes all baptized Christians, including children to communion which consists of both bread and wine. Feel free to partake in bread and not wine. Feel free to come up to the altar for just a blessing (cross your hands over your chest to indicate that you do not want communion). Feel free to sit in the pew during this portion of the service.


We welcome all children to attend Sunday services. There are crayons, and books available in the Narthex which children can take to the pews. If you have an infant, there is also a babysitter available during the 10:30 service  The babysitting room is located in the back of the church next to the choir room. For older children, there are also youth classes on most Sundays.

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