Starting Sunday February 7th, our worship will be live streamed from the sanctuary beginning at 10 a.m.

  • The service will be a celebration of the Eucharist and I anticipate this service to be approximately 30 minutes in length.

  • At the end of the service, everyone viewing the service is invited to come to the church to receive communion.

  • You have the option of watching the live service at home and then driving to the church for communion. Or you may watch the service in the Holy Trinity parking lot on your phone and then receive communion.

  • At the end of the service, about 10:30, I will set up a small altar at the Narthex doors. When you arrive, park your car and walk to the Narthex where I will be waiting to distribute communion. I am allowing a 30-minute window, 10:30 to 11, to distribute communion.

  • We will follow this routine until the weather allows us to move back into the parking lot. Viewing the service live on your computer, tablet or phone is simple.

  • To start streaming service (opens new window), CLICK HERE

















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Service Bulletin for Liturgy in Celebration of the Life of George Pease

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