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Friday Night supper

For 30 years, the Church of the Holy Trinity has been welcoming neighbors for a community dinner program called the Friday Night Supper.


Each week, a group of volunteers prepare a home-made meal that is served to our neighborhood guests. We host an average of 54 individuals who are homeless, reside in local shelters, may be unemployed or under-employed and may be struggling to make ends meet. Our guests may simply be lonely and in need of fellowship.

All are welcome – no questions are asked

Feeding our Neighbors

Welcome to

Parish Hall Kitchen

Trinity Restaurant Training

Our goal is to serve our community by providing job training to those who are un- or under-unemployed.

Trinity Restaurant Training is a professional eight-week culinary training course.  The curriculum includes everything from knife skills, stocks, sauces & soups to pasta making, eggs & dairy, dry and moist cooking methods to baking and even plate presentation.

All trainees are hired by the "parent" non-profit corporation, Parish Hall Kitchen (PHK) and paid for their course work.  As PHK employees, trainees and graduates are offered the opportunity to work at Trinity  Catering and parish events for Church of the Holy Trinity, where the program is housed.

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